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Foreign love?

I rang the psychic line as I have been a widow for 5 years and am looking for a new happy life abroad, the psychic I spoke to told me she sensed sun on my face, relaxing me. She said she could see a dark-haired single man buying me a drink. Last summer I went to Marmaris in Turkey with my sister and her husband and a dark-haired man did buy me a drink! Nothing came of it but it was fun to flirt again and incredible to think she had been spot on. The holiday was lovely and I’m now looking to buy an apartment over there. My future feels bright again – thank you!

Mandy, Bristol

How did she know?

I was feeling very depressed and had to make some difficult decisions. I felt really stuck and decided to take the plunge and call the personal psychic. The lady I spoke to was so friendly and really put me at ease. She was exactly correct with her reading and is an amazing lady, with great insight. Her advice really helped me get back on my feet and deal with those difficult decisions.

Sandra, Surrey

Job satisfaction!

I had been made redundant and was finding it really hard to make ends meet, I was sceptical at first about ringing but felt so down one day that thought I may as well give it a go. I was told to hang in there as there was something coming for me, and that I would be helping other people. I felt more positive immediately and started applying for any job I thought I could do . I now work as a receptionist for a vet, which is a complete change of direction for me but I love it! Thanks so much!

Margaret, Sheffield

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