A personality is a collection of common habits, attitudes, and personality traits that a person or people display over a defined period of time. The term “personality” can also be used to describe the entire package of a person’s behavior however, when it is used that way, it is synonymous with “behavior,” that is, the person’s behavior and makeup. “Personality” is a broad term. Each “personality” trait can have specific value in a number of situations. For example, kindness is valued by most of us. If you are sweet and polite, it is valuable to you as well as to others. Buddy-ism and friendliness are both rewards characteristic of personality traits. Compassion is important and does not reciprocate well for most people, but it is important nonetheless.

You can’t have a complete list of personality traits, but they are more common than you think. Here are 20 common personality traits interpreted as “personality” that people exhibit, according to one of the leading psychologists. 

  1. sightedness
  2. confident
  3. family-oriented
  4. well-groomed
  5. stiff
  6. stupid
  7. insecure
  8. sensitive
  9. open
  10. model-conscious
  11. consciously ignorant
  12. model-husband
  13. consciously overriding her
  14. sports-oriented
  15. aggressive
  16. occupational
  17. sexual
  18.  shy
  19. sentimental
  20. Millions of examples.

Here are 25 common personality traits interpreted as “personality” that most people exhibit consistently.

1.Ambition: ability to seek higher goals.

2.Always optimistic: always seeking for better things.

3.Have a sense of humour: the ability to find humour in everyday situation.

4.Confident: self-esteem.

5.Compulsive: people who are always searching for something or someone.

6.Dependable: reliable and constant.

7.Self-reliant: take care of you; be responsible.

8.Emotionally insecure: relationship-oriented behaviour; cannot make decision about personal life.

9.Sexually promiscuous: sexual behaviour or fantasy.

10.Thoughtful: thoughtfulness and notices.

11.Loyalty: unwavering support.

12.Comederate: loyalty to friends, family and partner.

13.Outdoorsy: social interaction like hiking.

14.Adventurous: adventure and fun.

15.Loyalty and faithful: love and trust.

16.Physical appearance: your body type and your physical coupons.

17.Sexually inexperienced: including sexual history and one night stands.

18. overweight: morbidly obese.

19.Blonde haired: Has been assured or hinted that you are speaking out a trash talk.

20.aunt: an affectation or exaggeration of a person’s aura, facial features, or physical attributes.

21.Bold: extravagant or deranged story telling or presentation.

22.swagger: a facial or physical display of youthful energy and pride.

23.hood: envy or sneer.

24.Millenial: young people of various ages.

25.Celery: a derogatory or disrespectful expression for a parent, particularly a father.

“personality” is a very broad term. People have many different definitions for “personality.” Some people see a person’s personality as how they are when they are around you. Some see it as the way they are in response to you. Some people say a person’s personality is a lot broader than just that, while others say that it goes much deeper that just the way a person looks and acts.

My first piece of advice is to think twice before you are about to dismiss a man/woman based solely on a sloppy First glance, a refused eye contact, or some other aspects of the “personality” of the person. Especially if that person is showing you the aspect of their personality that you find most wanting.

I realize that Scarcity mindset can lead us to some difficult conclusions and that we might be lead to believe that there are a limited number of people who can meet our ideals. Please bear in mind, as scarcity becomes a part of our mindset, those same qualities also lose their substance. If you are involved in a relationship, you will discover, over time, that the other person reflects your feelings, mood, beliefs, and attitudes. This sobering causes you to discard most of them quickly.

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