A well-known personality trait is extroversion. People who are extroverts are comfortable with their own energy. They are people that easily absorb others into their own energy space. People who are quiet, who do not seek to be noticed may be more introverted. Introverts have different energy needs than extroverts. Because they are unable to make others feel required, they have less need for approval. They are also likely to be more intuitive and creative, both of which require quieting the mind. Extroverts live to make others happy. Experiencing is a powerful tool for creating life experience that others can be happy with as well. I recently worked with a client who was quite introverted. As an introvert I found that talking to this particular client was difficult. As a coach I encouraged this client to take things slow and breathe deeply. It was difficult for the client to hear because he was so passionate and his energy was quite loud. As a result the conversation was mostly about his thoughts. Because he was unable to shut his mind off, we had an “oof” moment that showed the power of his personality. You cannot shut off your own personality. If you do, you lose yourself. By acknowledging the fact that you are a unique personality, you can start to see yourself as more than the sum of your parts. You begin to trust each aspect of yourself and realize that they are working together to form your unique identity. Please keep in mind that the basis for all the Alexander Graham Piper quotations is the idea that we are all a product of a dynamic universe in which both internal and external personalities coexist in harmony with our soul (our inner self). An energetic approach to personality development includes recognition of the following 12 personality characteristics: * Creative: folks burn to be creative. * Eye- Scoop: folks want to know where they fit into a system. * intolerant: tolerance is all too often a trait carried to extremes. * Nurturing: folks are naturally nurturing. * Power-Layer: Power is a crucial ingredient to activate attraction. * Pro-Touch: the Pro-Touchement involves getting things off one’s chest. * Human- Materialistic: materialism represents an extreme use of energy. * Psychic-Levitation: Falling down the vibratory rate or lifting of one’s spirits to the height of the Universe. There are other characteristics as well but at this point in the evolution of the human race, we will not be discussing them. In this article, I want to focus exclusively on the 12 personality characteristics mentioned above as they relate to the 12 essential Elements. I think that it will be a little difficult to incorporate the extensive knowledge from the other articles that I have published here as you will see. I will try to share knowledge as it comes, both past and present, as you are being bombarded with an enormous quantity of new concepts and information. That is why I said this is a “densual” approach, inasmuch as much of what I know is new to me. I suggest that you take the time to read the information that is presented here with the intention of not only improving yourself, but also sharing it with your friends, family and loved ones. When I say that you are all co-creators of your environment and life, I mean it. The consciousness that you are are possesses the same creative abilities as the consciousness that created our universe. So, if you have ever wondered why you sometimes feel drained and drained of energy, especially after you have been with a loved one, think about this. Our environment is a magnet for the 12 essential Elements of the Energy that Man is. Not only do the 12 essential Elements create our world and life, but they also create our internal thought process and reality picture. Once again, I am using the fresh perspective of this week to illustrate a point, which can be directly applied to your own life and reality picture. Everyday, we are bombarded with the Messages, thoughts and feelings of the world, through the TV, radio, printed words, magazines, movies, videos and all of the other means at our disposal. Most of us “power” ourselves with the power of our thoughts and emotions and nothing much else. “Little House on the Prairie” was a perfect series on how our own consciousness can create our reality and the world we live in. I still believe we can learn something from its maize so old, but still insightful message. Now, I am saying something more “Wisdom to life changing”.

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